AVANSA Money Counters offers machines for rental at a daily rate.

This is perfect for single events and large cash ups.

Please contact us directly for the Terms & Conditions, all prices exclude VAT.

We have the following range of AVANSA money counters for rental:


Note Counters

 AVANSA LightCount 2100

R400 ex. Vat per day

 AVANSA BlitzCount 2600

R500 ex. Vat per day

 AVANSA MaxCount 2800

R600 ex. Vat per day

 AVANSA SuperSort 2900

R1 800 ex. Vat per day

Coin Counters

 AVANSA SuperCoin 1100

R500 ex. Vat per day

 AVANSA MegaCoin 1800

R600 ex. Vat per day


 AVANSA SuperSort 2900 Printer

R250 ex. Vat per day

 AVANSA SuperCoin 1100 Printer

R250 ex. Vat per day